Services & Solutions


We take care of total water needs for the entire manufacturing complex, on a turnkey basis. Our solutions for process water and effluent treatment/recycle ensure requisite quality of water, reduce requirement of fresh water providing security against water shortages, and minimise waste ensuring compliance with discharge norms.


Our Range Includes:

* Water treatment for process use and canteen/drinking water

* Treatment & recycle of effluent from various shops, water blow down and utility waste to achieve zero discharge

* Oily waste treatment

* Packaged vehicle wash recycle systems

* Comprehensive O&M for complete water systems

* Supply of consumables like ion exchange resins, membranes, water treatment chemicals, antiscalants and critical spares



* Lower water consumption per vehicle/component

*Lower cost of ownership & operations and higher ROI

*Superior quality of finish

*Reduced/zero discharge of pollutants

*Negligible water wastage during washing

*Assurance against water shortages