Sewage treatment plant

Ion india is a leading manufacturer of Sewage Treatment Plants for the industrial and building sector. We involved in the design, supply and erection, of sewage treatment plants The object of the treatment, is to use of combination ofphysical, chemical and biological processes, to remove contaminants from wastewater or industrial effluents so as, make the water fit for discharge or reuse. The water can be treated to adhere to the norms of the statutory, organizations. The treated water can be used for gardening, cleaning, and in toilet flushing lines .The user ends up with a substantial cost benefit, on the working duration of the wastewater treatment plants. We design the plant based on the test report of the customers sample, space constraints and requirements.

Our sewage treatment plants have been running, successfully in diverse sectors such as Industries, Hospitals, Educational, Institutions, Apartments and Hotels spread across the country. We offer, a cost effective and a timely solution to your wastewater disposal needs. After We also provid prompt after sales services for trouble shooting and maintenance of the installed system.


Offering a wide range of environment friendly technological solutions, we specialize in sewage recycling and reuse. Our strong national track record and in-depth domain expertise as a water and wastewater engineering specialist are unrivalled in the region. We have the profound ability to identify, design and implement customized solutions within a tight project footprint and time frame. We specialize in:

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